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Midhattan Tax & Business Services specializes as a full service property management company. It provides services within the New York Metro area and as well as New Jersey. 
Our professionals are property owners who understand how to manage your property and therefore we go beyond to become your trusted advisor. Your home is our extension of care. Here is a list of services included with our Property Management Service:

We provide the following rental collections services:
 • Collect rent from your tenants on time                  
 • Send out notices for lateness  
 • Assess and apply late charges when necessary


We will create leases for new tenants and will be responsible for lease renewals.            

We provide all accounting for your property. This includes:
 • Income and expense reports  
 • Rent reports  
 • Itemized reports for tax reporting  
 • We can handle security deposits  
 • Issue invoices for repair work  
 • Bill payment services             

We have a highly trained and experienced maintenance staff that ensures your property is in the best shape.
 • We process routine and emergency maintenance and repairs  
 • We follow-up on all work orders requests from residents  
 • We implement preventive maintenance programs

We conduct weekly inspections of interior and exterior of the building and grounds and all building facilites. We also make sure that all inspections (Fire Department, Boiler, Electricity, Gas, Elevators, etc.) are made in a timely manner to ensure safety.

We respond quickly to tenant inquiries and complaints. It is our priority to make sure that the residents are happy. We also work closely with the tenants to ensure they comply with all property rules and regulations.

Once a property becomes vacant, we immediately take all necessary steps to get it ready for rental. We advertise vacancies and screen all potention residents.  We also handle the Move In/Out process with documented walkthroughs in case there is a dispute to evidence security deposit holdback.

We screen the potential tenants to make sure they are right for your property. We run a credit check, verify job and income, and search for eviction history and criminal records.

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