Midhattan Tax & Business Services

Tax Refund Program

We offer many forms of tax refunds to ensure a fast and easy tax refund experience. Our tax preparers can help you determine which program is best suited for your needs.

No Up Front, Out of Pocket Expenses

You do not have to pay for your tax preparation fees up front. The fees are deducted directly from your tax refund, once it is released by the IRS. The balance of your refund is then made in the form of a check or by direct deposit into your personal bank account!

Fast and Easy
The IRS releases tax refunds after the electronically filed return has been accepted. When your refund is released, we withhold fees as per your request and disburse the balance to you. The process is fast and easy!

Safe and Convenient

You may be concerned with the idea of having a large refund check mailed to your home.  Perhaps your check could get lost in the mail, delivered to the incorrect address or even stolen. 

Pick up your check at our office or have your refund deposited into your personal bank account. This avoids the possibility of having a check mailed from the IRS being lost or stolen in the mail.  It is both safe and convenient!
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